Our Story

  • The idea of building a dedicated organisation for the development of young urologists and urology nurses in Asia took place in 2015. It all started with a group of passionate experienced urologists, coming from all over Asia gather together hoping to address the specific needs in Urological training for their countries. Arise from the dialogue between different countries members, which they have come to recognise the huge variations in the availability of equipment and clinical practices across the region, more importantly, the lack of standardized training curriculum for a wide range of Urological procedures.

  • The Asian Urological Surgery Training & Education Group was officially founded and registered in Hong Kong on November 2015. AUSTEG aims to enhance professional competencies and advance the standard of urological surgery in Asia, through comprehensive training program and well equipped training facilities.  AUSTEG helps create a platform which promotes technique and skill exchange between urologist from different countries. We aim to nurture and cultivate the next generation of urologists and urology nurses in Asia through the sharing of experience and deliberate practice.

  • We identified four main areas to focus, they are laparoscopic urological surgery, lower urinary tract endourology, endoscopic stone surgery and urological nursing support. The first AUSTEG training course was upper tract laparoscopic urological surgery and was held in March 2016. The course was open to all urologists in Asia and the response was overwhelming with over 100 applications within two weeks. The feedback we received provide confidence for AUSTEG to continue its mission and vision and helps consolidated the directions and frame work for organising training course in the future.

  • Over years of hard work, AUSTEG has continued to expand its geographical presentation with 30 faculty members whom all exhibit enthusiasm to provide comprehensive and effective urological surgery training in Asia. Up till now, we have organised more than 30 training courses with more than 450 young urologists and nurses from various Asian countries attended and we hope they will be able to incorporate their acquired skills and knowledge into their clinical practices. We will continue our mission to provide high-quality urological surgery training opportunities in the future.