• MIS in Urology - Virtual format

  • Asia-Basic Laparoscopic Urological Surgery (A-BLUS)

    A-BLUS Course is a 1.5 day course focus on the fundamental skills required for basic laparoscopic surgery, through the learning of urological procedures on both theoretical and practical aspect. The program included the step by step breakdown of urological procedures such as nephrectomy, ureteroureterostomy and bladder cuff repair and reconstruction. There are training models for participants to practice and evaluate their basic laparoscopic skills such as peg transfer, cutting skills and suturing skill. This workshop hands on component will utilise livepigs in a well equipped training center in the region.

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  • Asia-Advanced Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Course

    A-ALUS Course is a 1 day course using live pigs for more experienced surgeons to learn and practice on complication management. Through discussion and live demonstration by the faculties, participants are able to gain in depth understanding when dealing with complication such as IVC injury, RA/RV injury etc. Participants are highly selective with some already attended the A-BLUS Course previously. This workshop usually run once a year with expert faculties from different field of work.

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  • Lower Urinary Tract Endourology Course

    Lower Urinary Tract Endourology Course is a 1.5 days course that covers the most common urological procedures TURP and TURBT. In addition, participants will be introduce to the latest theories and technique that are available in the market, such as bipolar resection, prostate enucleation, en-bloc bladder resection and laser resection. The training will be conduct using advanced endoscopic imaging system.

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  • Endoscopic Stone Management Course

    Endoscopic Stone Management Course features didactic lectures, hands on session and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) program. The incidence and prevalence of nephrolithiasis is increasing globally, particular in Asia, which makes stone management an important technique for Urologist. In this course, participants will get to experience the handling of fURS, PCNL and consumables for lithotripsy using different training models. PBL provide the platform for participants to explore various topic together, there are interactive session for participants to engage with faculties and prepare a presentation to share their study result and perspective on the pros and cons on different approaches.

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  • Pelvic Laparoscopic Surgery Course

    Pelvic Laparoscopic Surgery Course focus on laparoscopic procedures in the pelvic area such as radical cystectomy, radical prostatectomy and extend lymph node dissection. Since the anatomy orientation are the vital component to learn about pelvic surgery, this will be a cadaveric workshop in university training centres. The learning objectives in this workshop includes familiar with pelvic anatomy and able to identify important anatomical landmark for pelvic surgeries.

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  • Urology Nursing Workshop

    Urology Nursing Workshop provides information on care and handling of endoscopic and laparoscopic instrument in an effort to enhance patient’s safety and ensure the life span of surgical instrument can be extended. This workshop is particularly design for nurses who are working in endoscopy suite or operation theatre with special interest in urology procedure. Technical expertise from industry partners will share tips and tricks on equipment handling and care of various urological instrument.

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